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Thank you for stopping by. Perhaps we have met recently and you decided to google my name or perhaps you were looking for a more famous Elon (Musk). Or a deceased lawyer named Johnnie. Either way I am glad you stop by. Who am I? A family man: Husband and father of three boys. A hard-worker: 20 year USAF Veteran, Entrepreneur, Multi-discipline Security Professional. Servant to the least of these: Philanthropist, Cook, Beekeeper, Coach, My Brothers Keeper.  Make yourself at home and smile this is a safe place.


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Discovering your gift by meeting the needs of others is moral philosophy rather than a 5- step process. Our gift is already steering us in our daily activities, sometimes it's as simple as recognizing the part of us that turns in cautious curiosity when we hear a baby crying. Sometimes it can be recognized in morsels of joy when someone smiles after their first bite of a home cooked meal. Let's learn this together.